Training/Teaching Background

  • Training Counsellors at Farnborough College up to Diploma level
  • Teaching Psychology to Public Services students at Bracknell and Wokingham College
  • Teaching Sociology at Bracknell and Wokingham College
  • Teaching Child Psychology to Trainee Nursery Nurses at Farnborough College
  • Running various Counselling workshops at Farnborough College
  • Teaching Emotional Literacy to pre-school age children at a local primary school (see below)

Gill Seaton, Gill Seaton-Jardine, Gill Jardine, Counselling, Counsellor, Psychotherapy, Therapy, Guildford, Surrey, BACP Accredited, NHS Registered, Bupa, Teaching, Training, Workshops, Supervision, Supervising, Personal Support

Emotional Literacy

I wrote and delivered a 10-week emotional literacy programme, consisting of such concepts as self-care, caring for others, kindness, respect, sharing and tolerance.

I worked with reception aged children in 45-minute sessions using various techniques to keep these very young children interested, including direct teaching, working in pairs, drawing and colouring, listening to relevant stories and singing. 

The course was set against four learning criteria to measure the effectiveness. Each tested at the beginning, halfway through and at the end. The results were very encouraging, each time demonstrating clear progress in various areas of social and emotional development.


I have written, led and continue to lead workshops for professional counsellors and therapists on a variety of psychologically themed topics.

I am available for workshop bookings throughout the second part of 2022 so, if interested, please get in touch.