Counselling offers a confidential opportunity to talk with someone specifically trained to listen.

Adult Counselling

In my cabin, based in the leafy county of Surrey, I offer personal support and work with clients on a variety of issues including family matters, work, health, anxiety, bereavement, stress and depression, to name a few.

After a free first half-hour, I offer 50-minute sessions. The number of sessions clients need varies. Most come to see me weekly but others find that just one or two sessions will make a difference.

Gill Seaton, Gill Seaton-Jardine, Gill Jardine, Adult Counselling, Adolescent Counselling, Child Counselling, Supervision, MBACP Accredited, Surrey

Adolescent Counselling

I have had the privilege of working extensively with this age group in school, college and private practice and particularly enjoy seeing my young clients grow and change during our work together.

Children’s Counselling

Communicating with children at their level can help them deal with their own worries and come to better understand their feelings.

Before we begin I always invite mum, dad or guardian into the cabin to settle the child in and ensure everybody feels secure and comfortable with the set up.

Gill Seaton, Gill Seaton-Jardine, Gill Jardine, Child Counselling, Adolescent Counselling, Supervision, Supervising, Personal Support, Professional Support, Clinical Work, Counselling, Surrey